Workshops 2:00 3:30pm at 356 Maguire unless otherwise noted
Date Event / Speaker
FALL 2014
Aug. 2-6, Sat - Wed AAA Conference, Atlanta, GA
Aug. 25, Monday First Day of Class, BBA
Aug. 25, Monday First Day of Class Mod A, MBA
Aug. 29, Friday Kevin Murphy, University of Southern California 350 Maguire
Aug. 30, Saturday No classes
Sept. 1, Monday University Holiday Labor Day
Sept. 5, Friday Venky Nagar, University of Michigan
Sept. 12, Friday V.G. Nayaranan, Harvard
Sept. 19, Friday Roby Lehavy, University of Michigan
Sept. 26, Friday Karen Sedatole, Michigan State University Advisory Board Luncheon
Oct. 3, Friday Shannon Anderson, University of California at Davis
Oct. 3-18, Mon-Sat Exams for Mod A, MBA
Oct. 10, Friday Ken Merchant, University of Southern California
Oct. 11, Saturday Last day of class Mod A, MBA
Oct. 13-14 Mon-Tues Fall Break, BBA
Oct. 17-18, Friday CAR Conference, Nova Scotia
Oct. 20, Monday First Day of Class Mod B, MBA
Oct. 24-25, Fri-Sat RAST Conference, Vancouver
Oct. 31, Friday Open
Nov. 7-8, Fri-Sat JAE Conference, Wharton School
Nov. 14, Friday Chris Ittner, Wharton
Nov. 21, Friday Open
Nov. 26, Wednesday No Classes
Nov. 27-28, Thurs-Fri University Holiday Thanksgiving
Dec. 5-7, Fri.-Sun. MIAMI Rookie Camp
Dec. 8-13, Mon-Sat Exams for Mod B, MBA
Dec. 8, Monday Last day of instruction, BBA
Dec. 11-17, Thurs-Wed Exams, BBA
Dec. 12, Friday Open
Dec. 18 Jan 16 Winter break, BBA
Dec. 20 Saturday Graduation
Dec. 24-Jan. 1 University Holiday
Jan. 12, Monday First Day of Mod A, MBA
Jan.15-17, Thurs-Sat FARS Meeting, Newport Beach
Jan. 16, Friday First day of Classes, BBA
Jan. 19, Monday University Holiday, MLK
Jan. 23, Friday Melissa Martin, Rice University
Jan. 27, Tuesday Recruiting
Jan. 30, Friday Recruiting
Feb. 3, Tuesday Recruiting
Feb. 6, Friday Andrew Samwick, Dartmouth
Feb. 10, Tuesday Recruiting
Feb. 13, Friday Recruiting
Feb. 17, Tuesday Recruiting
Feb. 20, Friday Recruiting
Feb. 24, Tuesday Recruiting
Feb. 27 Friday Recruiting
Feb. 28, Saturday Last day of class Mod A, MBA
Mar. 2-Mar 7 Mon-Sat Exams for Mod A, MBA
Mar. 3, Tuesday Open
Mar. 6, Friday (Friday before Spring Break)
Mar. 9-15 Mon-Sun Spring Break, BBA
Mar. 16, Monday First day of Mod B, MBA
Mar. 20, Friday Open
Mar. 27, Friday Stefan Reichelstein, Stanford
Apr. 3, Friday University Holiday, Good Friday
Apr. 4, Saturday No classes
Apr. 10, Friday Mary Barth, Stanford
Apr. 17, Friday Dennis Campbell, Harvard
Apr. 24, Friday John Core, MIT
May 1 Brett Trueman, UCLA
May 2, Saturday Last day of class Mod B, MBA
May 4- 9, Mon-Sat Exams Mod B, MBA
May 4, Mon Last day of class, BBA
May 6-12 Weds-Tues Exams, BBA (No Sunday)
May 16, Saturday Graduation
NOTE: Parking is available for non-SMU workshop participants in the Binkley and Moody parking centers.
Please contact Twink Halasz at 214-768-2723.